Elite golf instruction for every level

The Golf Hale at Four Seasons Hualalai Resort provides world-class instruction to golfers of all ages, abilities and experience. The combination of of cutting edge technology and elite instruction can inspire the beginner, unlock the hidden potential of an experienced player, light the fire in a junior golfer and guide the expert to greatness.

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Individual Instruction

Private golf lesson using state-of-the-art technology to analyze and improve any aspect of your game. Our certified instructors use Trackman technology, video analysis and TPI golf fitness performance to provide an informative and interactive lesson experience.


One Hour Lesson $250 per person                                                                      Lesson with Brady Riggs $375 per person

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An instructor places a tee on the indoor golf turf while the person taking the lesson readies her swing.
An instructor watches a girl swing while the family of three look on.

Multi-student “Ohana” Lessons

Take an informative and interactive lesson with friends, family and/or your spouse. Focus on all aspects of your game or a specific area that needs attention. Our state-of-the-art technology will help facilitate understanding while our professional staff will simplify your technique.

‘Ohana Gof Lesson $250 per hour + $50/hr each additional guest        Lesson with Brady Riggs $375 per hour+ $50/hr each additional guest

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On Course Playing Lesson

This unique experience allows the professional to watch the warm-up, understand tendencies and help the student(s) improve their ability to score. On-course instruction is easily the most effective way to maximize performance without the frustration of making significant changes to technique. Video analysis, stats collection and post-round analysis make this an incredibly productive experience.

On-Course Playing Lessons $500 + $100 each additional guest                  Lesson with Brady Riggs $750 + $100 each additional guest

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Golf Pro Garratt Okamura takes a swing a golf ball with setting sun in background
Three Golf pros standing on golf course smiling

Mini Golf Schools

Half-day school with the focus on one or multiple areas of the game that include full swing mechanics, short game, putting, mental game and course management. The more relaxed setting of the Mini Golf School is ideal for learning with friends and family while utilizing Trackman, video feedback and the other technology the Golf Hale has to offer.

Mini Golf School $750 + $150 each additional guest                                      Lesson with Brady Riggs $1,125 + $150 each additional guest      

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Full Day Retreat

Spend the entire day improving every part of your game in our most comprehensive program. Utilizing our state-of-the-art technology featuring Trackman, Foresight and video analysis we take an in-depth look at your technique. We make sure that your equipment is fitted properly using our expert PXG club fitter and SAM Putt Lab. Our TPI certified staff does a fitness assessment and we also fine tune your mental game and practice plans. After lunch with your instructor we put it all into action with an on-course playing lesson. Each student will receive a Golf Hale gift bag and a video recap to take home.

8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Full Day Retreat $1,850 + $250 each additional guest                                        Retreat with Brady Riggs $2,400 + $250 each additional guest

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Garratt Okamura golf pro hits golf ball looking towards a blue sky and the ocean
Golfer lines up put while the Sam Puttlab technology monitors it

Putter Fitting/ SAMS Putt Lab

The most accurate and comprehensive putting analysis, training and fitting system on the market. SAM PuttLab provides instant feedback on the critical elements of a consistent, repeatable stroke. SAM can help anyone improve their putting.

One Hour Fitting $250 per person

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Practice Like A Pro

Take the opportunity to learn how professionals practice and get the most out of their time and efforts. Understanding block practice, skill maintenance and ultimately competitive combines gives you the best chance to have success on the course. You will come away with a complete practice plan to help you take your game to the next level. Taught by the Golf Hale Director of Instruction Brady Riggs.

Practice like a Pro $375 + $75 each additional guest

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