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Here at the Golf Hale at Four Seasons Resort Hualālai, we provide the ultimate hang-out for beginners, experts, and everyone in between. Come and improve your game alongside our experienced Pros, as you run through your short game with the latest Trackman technology, or join us for endless entertainment with friends and family in Hawai’i’s first ever TopGolf® Swing Suite®. Whatever your style, we’ll see you down at the Hale!

Brendan Moynahan

Director of Golf
The Hualālai Golf Hale

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Cutting-edge Technology

A powerful combination of data, video and simulator technology empowers our instructors to allow them to focus on every single aspect of your game in detail. The only facility in the US with all of the latest state-of-the-art technology under one roof, we enable you to track and monitor everything your club does, before, during, and after impact.

An instructor watches a girl swing while the family of three look on.

Trackman Indoor

Setting a new standard for indoor golf simulators, TrackMan Indoor uses the latest Dual Radar technology to provide detailed data tracking and analysis for over 800 tour players and Major winners, as well as thousands of coaches and amateurs.


  • Provides accelerated learning curves for every player
  • Lets your instructors monitor swing changes over time
  • The perfect tool for both teaching and entertainment
Trackman technology monitors a golf putt

Trackman Range

A powerful tool for mastering distance control, TrackMan Range ensures your session becomes as course realistic as possible. Don’t just work on your shot-making skills, choose between Bulls Eye, Hit It and Capture the Flag and have fun at the same time.


  • Practice with detailed feedback and increased purpose
  • Personal performance review​ and advanced analytics
  • Interactive games carefully designed to make you better
Golfer swings club indoors using the foresight performance analysis technology while expert looks on


Enhanced by reliable shot data and the most trusted performance analysis solutions, Foresight ensures you experience true-to-life golf simulation, with the ability to use every club in your bag and play from tee to green with precision and realism.


  • Offers unrivaled precision and reliability, every time
  • Delivers true-to-life performance, using every club
  • Improves your game using trusted launch monitors
Golf technology Gears analyzes a golf swing


The most advanced motion capture solution to be developed specifically for golf, Gears is used by everyone from PGA pros to club fitters and manufacturers, in order to measure and analyze every aspect of a swing in full 3D, from address to follow-through.


  • Provides significant insight into your swing
  • Measures and tracks your progress over time 
  • Makes clear comparisons against ideal techniques
Golfer lines up put while the Sam Puttlab technology monitors it

SAM Puttlab

The most accurate and comprehensive putting analysis and training system on the market, SAM PuttLab enables you to develop the correct putting patterns, while monitoring your progress through efficient learning and highly-accurate feedback.


  • Complete and accurate analysis of all putting aspects
  • Quickly identify all your strengths and weaknesses
  • Benefit from detailed feedback and clear presentation of results
An employee places a colorful plate of food at a table in the center of the room while three guests thank her and one guest plays a virtual golf game.

TopGolf® Swing Suite®

For action-packed entertainment or dedicated practice, whether you’re already an expert or picking up a club for the first time, the TopGolf® Swing Suite® showcases the latest full swing simulator technology in a relaxed and modern lounge setting.


  • A premium entertainment experience for all abilities
  • Brings people of all ages together for playful competition
  • A variety of multi-sport games and relaxing lounge seating

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